Albufereta. (Beg-Int)

You have been taking regular classes for at least 9 months and you social dance regularly. You know the basics (down basic, up-hold basic, throw-out, lollies, swivels, crossovers, out&in), but want to keep working on them and also learn new variations to improve your social dancing. You feel comfortable at medium tempos. You would like to be more musical and work on the connection too. 

If you don’t know all the basics or have been taking lessons for less than 9 months, we cannot accept you at this level.

Postiguet. (Int-Adv)

You have been dancing Balboa for more than 2 years, taking regular classes and going to workshops. You know all the basics and can dance them with fast tempos and you also know some variations. You would like to feel more comfortable on fast tempos, learn more complicated shapes and variations. 

If you’ve been dancing Balboa for the required time but from now and then and you don’t currently take regular lessons or dance regularly, then your level is Albufereta.

Tabarca. (Adv)

You have been dancing Balboa for more than 4 years and dance it regularly. You feel comfortable with very fast tempos, you are very musical, so your dancing is full of rhythms and fancy moves. You attend international workshops and are always at the top levels. 

You usually compete or if you don’t do so, you could as you have an advanced level.