Lucía Galiana & Javi Zurdo

Their fine technique, musicality  and style made them win European competition.

They are teachers at international level

They have been supporting the Balboa scene in Alicante for more than 3 years, teaching every month. In classes, they love to focus on partnership and creating an harmonious flow while dancing in couple playing and reacting with each other. They offer student the tools for both `leader´and `follower´to communicate and create together their own steps and variation.

Anni Skoglund & Gasper Hrovat

Their bring a great deal of positive vibes, and are inspiring to see in action.

«There´s no better prize as to win your dance partner’s pure smile»

The swing, especially the Balboa scene, has seen them evolve into dance-instructor with a highly pedagogical profile. Regardless of level, their classes hold a productive spirit and relaxed working environment. Anni and Gasper love to say «There’s no better prize as to win your dance partner´s pure smile».